How to Use CZSVS Lessons?

In which countries are the courses Czech language being used?
We are delighted that courses are still used by more children from different countries.
Primarily children have also come who want to learn Czech language.
This means that children from all over the world can benefit from the same high quality course or

How can I learn more about the Czech e-learning ?

Please visit or you can email [email protected] If you have a question about a specific
area, you can also email .

Can you use our logo on your website and in your programs and materials?

Yes, you are more than welcome to use our logo in either print or electronic format. With this you are
helping us spreading the word so we can reach more parents, teachers and students around the world!
For example: you can add our logo on posters to promote the courses. You may also add it on your
website linking back to our home page.
If you need a higher resolution version of the logo, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll email you

I am a organization and would like to work with CZSVS. Can I do this?

Yes. CZSVS works with a different companies from Czech and Slovak republic also with Czech
elementary School. We would need to learn more about you and discuss in further details to see how
we can work together for mutual benefit. Below are three examples of how we might work with you:
You would add the CZSVS logo to your site and link directly to our website for access to our
You would add the CZSVS logo on your site and host our courses on your LMS or servers.
You would translate our courses and then host them on your servers This is only offered on a limited
basis as it is a serious commitment for all and involves time and funding and quality control and can
only be pursued if the organization is serious
If so, we will work out a contract with you .

Are the courses designed for a specific curriculum?
The design and development of courses are guided by learning topics which are part of the curriculum
Ministry of Education Youth and Sports Czech republic .
In addition to this, we have developed a number of courses which supplement a typical primary school
curriculum. Many topics are universal in nature and fit in any primary school curriculum around the

How to use e-learning for kids courseware?

Depending on the proficiency level of a child in specific subject areas, as well as the availability and
quality of education, the courseware can be used to:
Support an existing classroom curriculum;
Provide additional practice;
Supplement an existing curriculum;
Support homeschooling.

How do you provide high quality courses?

E-learning for kids has developed quality standards and guidelines for Instructional Design which are
continuingly enhanced based on feedback from teachers and children. We use learning and training
professionals for our courseware and and state-of-the-art computers software development.

How does it work?

At every hour I get my steps:
On the main page, check out the video tutorial „How to connect to online class entry through“
SmartBridgit „.
From the teacher you will get an email link with the login code and password.
After entering the online class, you work with the teacher as instructed.

How can I help to improve the courses?

We are striving to make great e-Learning courses but if you have noticed something which can be
better in certain courses, please let us know by sending this information to [email protected]

How can I access the courses? What if I don’t have access to the Internet or if it is too expensive or

We provide courseware in several ways:
Offline: via CD-ROMs . We can provide you with a download link the courseware.
You can upload the courseware at a local server or install the courses directly from the CD-ROM to
your computer. Note: Due to licensing restrictions or the design of the courses, not all the lessons from
the courseware are available in this format.

How do I gain access to courses on a CD-ROM?

You must first agree to the terms of usage/requirements: courses cannot be changed, used
commercially, must be accessed free of charge etc. We require an estimation of your expected usage (#
of children and # of schools/locations) by filling out the appropriate.
Send the completed form to: [email protected]
Once this is reviewed and you are approved, we will send you instructions and a link to download the
courseware from which you can make a download to install on your computers.

What subject areas are available? For what ages? What languages? Is there a master list of lessons to
help me plan?

For children aged 4-14 we provide courses for pre-school education,Czech or Slovak language courses,
logopedics courses, history of Czech history, musical and art skills. All courses are available in the
Czech language.

How about teenagers and older students?

Although we focus mainly on preschool and elementary school, we have developed a separate place
called e-learning for adults (18+).
These courses focus on practical training in the Czech language.

Do students need a username and password in order to take courses from the CZSVS site?

Yes, a username and password we are needed for the majority of the courses. For any that may require
a password, the password is listed on the website so you do’nt have to contact us.

We would like to have the CZSVS courses in other languages. Is this possible?

We would be happy evaluating this on a case by case basis. Please email us a plan for translation .

How will I know when CZSVS is adding new courses?

Send us an email at [email protected] and we will add you to our newsletter distribution list. New
courses are announced periodically in our mailings.

What are the minimum system requirements for running the courseware?

Operating System: Windows 7
RAM: At least 512 MB
Flash Player: Flash Player 8 or above
Microsoft Internet Chrom/Explorer: 7.0, 8.0 (recommended), 9.0
VGA Monitor Resolution: 1024 X 728 px.
Processor: Pentium IV 1.6 GHz
Speaker and sound drivers installed
Plug-ins: Flash MX2004
Settings: Set privacy settings to medium or medium-high. Accept third-party cookies and allow session
cookies. Enable JavaScript.
Popup blocker: Enabled

What if I do not have Flash Player on my machine?

You can get the latest Flash Player by clicking on the below link:
Once you have downloaded the Flash Player, you have to refresh the current webpage, the flash content
will be displayed.

Is there a preferred browser to use when taking the CZSVS courses? Does it matter if using a PC or a

Since the majority of the CZSVS courses use Macromedia Flash software, it is recommended that
courses are taken via the Chrome and/or Internet Explorer browsers as other browser may not support
some of the necessary plug-ins for displaying content or for course navigation.